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Frequently asked questions:

a.PROBLEM: I cannot pass a level.
SOLUTION: If you have the version 1.1 or 1.2 of greenface then please make sure you have downloaded the latest levels file ( available here ) which is 100% bug free. If you have the version 2.0 then send us an email with the level name and number and a description of the problem, and we will provide you with tips and suggestions in maximum 48 hours.

b.PROBLEM: The error message "Cannot open file xxxxx.dxg" appears.
SOLUTION: greenface needs the following files:
The above files need to be in the same directory as greenface.exe. If one of these files is missing, the game cannot be played. In this case you must reinstall greenface the Virtual Reality.

c.PROBLEM: The error message "DirectDraw cannot be initialized" appears.
SOLUTION: DirextX6 is required to play greenface, if you don't have it you can download the most recent drivers from the manufacturer's web site. As with most games, it is recommended that you update the drivers for your video and audio hardware.

d.PROBLEM: When I play greenface, one of the arrows keys is not working.
SOLUTION: You have a problem with your joystick. Please unplug it while you play greenface.

4.PROBLEM: The game hangs the computer just at start.
SOLUTION: Using a simple text editor ( like Notepad ) edit the file greenface.cfg located in the greenface directory, and next to 'Music = ' write 'false' instead of 'true'. This will turn the music off, and you will be able to play the game.
If you have other problems, please send us a description of your problem at our technical support using our Contact Form .

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