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    Greenface the Virtual Reality is a puzzle maze game which mix elements from Pac Man, BomberMan and BoulderDash, resulting a highly addictive game that can bring even more fun than his predecessors. Featuring high quality 3D rendered graphics and smooth playing greenface is a real challenge for every brain on this planet, unarguably the best successor of the old games like Supaplex and Dig Dug. To finish a level you have to collect all the Infotrons needed, push around objects to make way, carefully place explosives in the right places in order to blow out walls. But also, you have to move fast in order to divert and avoid your enemies. The game doesn't contain any violence, and it's suitable for Children ( who love to play it for hours ) as well as adults. Either if you want to relax in a break at the office, or make a nice gift to your grandson, this is a nice option. And when it comes to puzzle lovers, this is a must have game.
    On December 25, 2002 Amic Games sold all rights on Greenface the Virtual Reality to the german company MadData. The new website from where the game can be purchased and from where the free demo version can be downloaded is

    The game has 95 levels in four different environments, and you will have to explore first the guts of a computer, the deep secrets of a forest, then action will be taken to underground chambers and finally inside of a kitchen while you are fighting against an evil computer created by a mad scientist who is planning to take over the world by trapping all the people inside of a virtual reality program.

    Take a look to the screenshots and hurry up to download this fun!

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Published by:
Mad Data

The story

     Year 2035. Murphy was driving like crazy on his way back from the office, checking repeatedly that the CD still was in his right pocket. He had finally managed the hack into the GlobalUni network and download the information he needed. What he had feared most had happened. The people who had agreed to test Omega Virtual Reality would never be able to escape from it again !
     The car was running like a dark shadow through the night and the trees by the highway faded quickly behind it. He started to remember how this Omega Virtual reality began a few years ago.
     It seemed more like a game than a danger to mankind. No-one had imagined that it would become so real that it was impossible to tell the difference between fiction and reality. And nobody had thought that the manager, Ahmed Contrario, planned to trap everyone who tried it inside the game and keep them there until they died. In this way, he would become the king in VR world and then take over the world!
     Murphy had to do something, and fast. Finally, he was home. He ran inside the house and hurried up the stairs to his computer. Once there, he put in the CD and loaded the program. He had no time to be cautious and sidestepped all the security measures. He began surfing through the information tunnel towards GlobalUni Net.
     Finally, his mission was clear: in order to hack into the main computer and initiate the destruct procedure, he first had to figure out the auto-destruction password. This could be done if he could find all the information about how internal operating system worked - information hidden by the main computer all over the network.
     Once he had this password, he would be able to destroy the hardware on the computer and release the people trapped in this VR world.

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